Use EBT and Double Up Bucks for Food Programs | EBT, Double Up Bucks, food stamps, SNAP

Two New Programs at Four Seasons Farmers & Artisans Market

Help People Who Use EBT Food Benefits

EBT benefits can be used to pay for food orders using theFour Seasons On-Line market.

EBT beneficiaries need to follow these steps before placing and on-line order:

  1. Send an email to: and provide your name and request access to order from the EBT Catalog within the Four Seasons Market on-line system.
  2. The Four Seasons Market will set-up your access to the EBT Food Catalog and send a return email to you with a link to the catalog.
  3. Open the email from Four Seasons Market and click on the link to the EBT Catalog.  
    (Check to be sure you are accessing the EBT catalog and not the “Public” catalog.)
  4. Select the food items you want by clicking on them and moving them to your on-line shopping cart.
  5. After selecting a minimum of $25 in food items you can place your order and select your pick-up time.   You will not be asked to provide your EBT Card information until you come to pick up your order.
  6. Come to the Four Seasons Market on the date you requested to make your pickup and provide your EBT Card and/or Double UP Bucks to pay for the food you ordered.

EBT and Double Up Bucks can be used to pay for seasonal Food Share Boxes

The Four Seasons Market seasonal food share program provides participants with a box of food items that are selected for nutritional balance.  

To participate follow these steps:

  • Complete and sign a food share agreement covering 8 or 12 weeks.
  • Use your EBT benefits to pay for two weeks of food share boxes.

Then use Double Up Bucks to pay for boxes for weeks 3 and 4.

  • Four weeks later, use EBT benefits to pay for boxes for weeks 5 and 6 and then use Double Up Bucks to pay for weeks 7 and 8.
  • If you sign up for 12 weeks then use EBT benefits to pay for weeks 9 and 10 and use Double Up Bucks to pay for weeks 11 and 12.

What are Double Up Bucks?

When you use your EBT food benefits at participating farmers markets you receive a “Double Up Buck” for every dollar you use of EBT benefits on your purchase up to $20.   These Double Up Bucks can be used to pay for any Colorado grown fruit or vegetables at Four Seasons Market or other participating farmers markets.