Four Seasons says Goodbye

We at Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market would like to thank the community we have been a part of for five years for your friendship and patronage.   

On October 31, we will have our final market day. 

Five years ago, November 1st, we began our adventure in Wheat Ridge. Our lease is up so we have made the decision to go back to the farm, full time.  (We haven’t told the chickens yet, don’t know how they will take more supervision….)

The months in between have been filled with experiences we have shared with hundreds and hundreds of you.  We have learned from our farm and ranch partners and from you, our valued customers.  We hope that we have succeeded in our mission of providing information, opportunity and access to safe, local food for all.  We hope you have come to appreciate and value the effort and dedication of our growers and producers as we have and will continue to support local agriculture going forward.  We have also been proud of our special vendors who have made available unique one-of-a-kind craft and artisan products that have added value to our daily lives.

We look forward to visiting with you over the next three weeks and sharing good memories.  We will have all the ‘good stuff’ until the very end, so come take advantage of the bountiful fall harvest and some great prices.

Dick, Margaret and crew

Four Seasons will be open for our regular hours through October 31st.

Tuesday through Friday – Noon to 4 PM

Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM


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