Four Seasons Market Precautions

Dear Friends,
Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market is grateful to have you shop at our market.  Here are the things that we are doing to try to keep you and all of us who are here to serve you, safe and healthy.  We have arrived at these precautions with input from an emergency room doctor who is determined to do whatever she can both in the emergency room and in the community to keep us all safe.

  1. Please leave children outside the market if it is nice weather, in the car if it’s not, or at home if possible.                        Children, until recent days, appear to be less impacted by the coronavirus, but able to pass it to others even when they don’t appear to be ill.  Current information suggests that children too can become quite sick.
  2.  For shopping safety, please maintain a 6 foot distance from other shoppers.
  3.  We have eliminated shopping baskets to avoid unsanitary surfaces where possible.  
    We have fiber shopping bags for your convenience at $1.50 if you don’t have your own.   
    We can also supply you with a less sturdy paper bag.
  1.  We have provided plastic gloves for additional sanitation.  Please deposit used gloves in the available trash can as you leave.
  2. We have a choice of hand wipes, or sanitizers after you have shopped, paid for your purchases and are ready to leave.
  3. We strive to maintain a consistent inventory, so we ask that you buy just what you need
  4. We also have a pick up and delivery option, if staying at home is necessary.

                Click HERE to place an order of pickup or home delivery.
Finally, thank  you for shopping at Four Seasons Market.  We are committed to providing safe, healthy products. Because our suppliers are local, smaller, and unique to our market, we hope our inventory will be relatively stable through these challenging times. 
But it is you, our friends and customers,  that will keep this market flourishing.  We are a bridge between you and Colorado agriculture.  When you buy local products, you help keep the farms and ranches in our state in business.  In return, they are able to provide you with healthy food in good times and in challenging times like these.  We hope to continue sharing market products, sales and new offerings each week. 

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