Four Seasons Farmers & Artisans Market is permanently closed.

This is a difficult “Goodbye” for all of us.

Dr. Seuss puts it this way:

“Don’t cry because it’s ending,
smile because it happened.”

That is a sentiment that expresses our thought so well.

We’ve said before how much we have appreciated all of our customers; how much you have shared with us, how much we’ve learned from you. We have missed you when you missed a week visiting us. 

We wish you all well. Stay safe. 
We are smiling because it happened, we hope you are too. 

Dick and Margaret.

Special Note: 
We will be selling cooling equipment, display equipment, and supplies on Saturday, November 14th from 10 am to 2 pm.

Four Seasons says Goodbye

We at Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market would like to thank the community we have been a part of for five years for your friendship and patronage.   

On October 31, we will have our final market day. 

Five years ago, November 1st, we began our adventure in Wheat Ridge. Our lease is up so we have made the decision to go back to the farm, full time.  (We haven’t told the chickens yet, don’t know how they will take more supervision….)

The months in between have been filled with experiences we have shared with hundreds and hundreds of you.  We have learned from our farm and ranch partners and from you, our valued customers.  We hope that we have succeeded in our mission of providing information, opportunity and access to safe, local food for all.  We hope you have come to appreciate and value the effort and dedication of our growers and producers as we have and will continue to support local agriculture going forward.  We have also been proud of our special vendors who have made available unique one-of-a-kind craft and artisan products that have added value to our daily lives.

We look forward to visiting with you over the next three weeks and sharing good memories.  We will have all the ‘good stuff’ until the very end, so come take advantage of the bountiful fall harvest and some great prices.

Dick, Margaret and crew

Four Seasons will be open for our regular hours through October 31st.

Tuesday through Friday – Noon to 4 PM

Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM


Nutritional Value of Guinea Eggs and Duck Eggs

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Nutritional Benefits of Guinea Eggs

Source:  Summarized from the Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology and the American Journal of Experimental Agriculture

1) Rich in protein. Whole guinea fowl egg is 10.1% to 13.5% protein, with the egg white providing significantly higher amounts of protein than the yolk.

2) Rich in fat. Guinea fowl egg yolk is 32.2% to 32.7% fat. Little to no fat is present in the egg white. Guinea fowl eggs have more fat than domestic chicken varieties, but less fat than duck and goose eggs.

3) Guinea fowl eggs and Omega-3. It is presumed guinea eggs provide important amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, similar to free range chicken eggs.

4) Source of cholesterol. It is safe to assume that guinea fowl eggs are an important source of dietary cholesterol and theorized to contain slightly more cholesterol than domestic chicken, but a lot less than duck, goose and turkey and quail eggs.

5) B vitamin profile. All eggs, guinea included, are animal products and will naturally contain important amounts of most, if not all essential B vitamins. Like all other egg varieties, guinea too provide the all-important vitamin B9 and vitamin B12, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) and pyridoxine (B6).

6) Rich in choline. Guinea fowl, duck, goose and free range chicken eggs are all rich sources of dietary choline, a B vitamin-like nutrient known for its benefits on the brain and nervous system.

7) Source of vitamin A. Guinea fowl left to forage for food and only minimally sustained with conventional feed produce intense yellow-orange colored egg yolks that are rich in pro-vitamin A antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene.

8) Minerals in guinea fowl eggs: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, magnesium and B vitamins, zinc, copper and vitamin A,  vitamin D, phosphorus and trace amounts of vitamins E and K.

A duck sitting on top of a pile of hay

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Nutritional Value of Duck Eggs – Comparison to Chicken Eggs


Duck eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs.  Duck eggs are higher in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

One duck egg has about 9 grams of protein while one chicken egg has about 6 grams of protein. Note that the typical duck egg is about 20% larger than a large chicken egg.

Ducks allowed to free range will have more nutritious eggs than ducks that are kept in cages.

Duck eggs contain more fat than chicken eggs. Duck eggs contain 10 grams of fat while chicken eggs contain about 5 grams of fat. If you’re using them to bake with though, the extra fat and viscosity can help to produce top-shelf baked goods.

More essential vitamins and minerals

Duck eggs are more nutrient dense than chicken eggs. Chicken eggs contain 0.9 mg (5% DV) of iron, while duck eggs contain 2.7 mg (15% DV).

  • Chicken eggs contain 95.5 mg (10% DV) of phosphorus, while duck eggs contain 154 mg (15% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 0.6 mg (4% DV) of zinc, and duck eggs contain 1.0 mg (7% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 15.8 mg (23% DV) of selenium and duck eggs contain 25.5 mg (36% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 244 mg (5% DV) of vitamin A; duck eggs contain 472 mg (9% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 0.5 mg (2% DV) of vitamin E; duck eggs contain 0.9 mg (5% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 0.02 mg (2% DV) of thiamine (vitamin B1); duck eggs contain 0.1 mg (7% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 0.2 mg (14% DV) of riboflavin (vitamin B2); duck eggs contain 0.3 mg (17% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 0.1 mg (4% DV) of vitamin B6 while duck eggs contain 0.2 mg (9% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 23.5 mg (6% DV)  of folate; duck eggs contain 56 mg (14% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 0.6 mg (11% DV) of vitamin B12 while duck eggs contain 3.8 mg (63% DV).
  • Chicken eggs contain 126 mg of choline and duck eggs contain 184 mg.

Four Seasons Market Precautions

Dear Friends,
Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market is grateful to have you shop at our market.  Here are the things that we are doing to try to keep you and all of us who are here to serve you, safe and healthy.  We have arrived at these precautions with input from an emergency room doctor who is determined to do whatever she can both in the emergency room and in the community to keep us all safe.

  1. Please leave children outside the market if it is nice weather, in the car if it’s not, or at home if possible.                        Children, until recent days, appear to be less impacted by the coronavirus, but able to pass it to others even when they don’t appear to be ill.  Current information suggests that children too can become quite sick.
  2.  For shopping safety, please maintain a 6 foot distance from other shoppers.
  3.  We have eliminated shopping baskets to avoid unsanitary surfaces where possible.  
    We have fiber shopping bags for your convenience at $1.50 if you don’t have your own.   
    We can also supply you with a less sturdy paper bag.
  1.  We have provided plastic gloves for additional sanitation.  Please deposit used gloves in the available trash can as you leave.
  2. We have a choice of hand wipes, or sanitizers after you have shopped, paid for your purchases and are ready to leave.
  3. We strive to maintain a consistent inventory, so we ask that you buy just what you need
  4. We also have a pick up and delivery option, if staying at home is necessary.

                Click HERE to place an order of pickup or home delivery.
Finally, thank  you for shopping at Four Seasons Market.  We are committed to providing safe, healthy products. Because our suppliers are local, smaller, and unique to our market, we hope our inventory will be relatively stable through these challenging times. 
But it is you, our friends and customers,  that will keep this market flourishing.  We are a bridge between you and Colorado agriculture.  When you buy local products, you help keep the farms and ranches in our state in business.  In return, they are able to provide you with healthy food in good times and in challenging times like these.  We hope to continue sharing market products, sales and new offerings each week. 

Four Seasons Market Receives Public Health Award for work with SNAP/Double-Up Food Bucks

Four Seasons Farmers & Artisans Market was awarded the

2017 Public Health Champion Award
from Jefferson County Public Health

Click HERE to watch the award video about the market. To learn more about doubling your SNAP dollars, visit


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